On the Columbia

I intended to publish this for September’s Lensbaby blog circle…but then, turns out, I didn’t actually notice that it was September. So…considering by October 1 it may be cool and gray, hopefully, we can all remember the pleasant warmth of summer.

In two back to back weekends this summer, I got to explore the Columbia Gorge from two entirely new-to-me perspectives. The first, from the Cessna I wrote about in my last blog post. Then, the following weekend I got to experience a sternwheeler dinner cruise as part of a Christmas gift we’d all gotten Mike’s family last December, cashed in on in warmer temps.

The sternwheeler ship (a replica of the original steam-powered ones) was still pretty nifty looking and the view was fantastic. The food was pretty good too! I brought along my Burnside 35 and Velvet 85 to capture the boat and its surroundings – from a wide perspective with Burnside, and a closer perspective with Velvet 85.





















Up next in the Lensbaby blog circle this month is Katrin Bechold.


2 thoughts on “On the Columbia

  1. Last fall my husband gave me the gift of traveling somewhere for a week, by myself. I chose Portland, Oregon for my destination, and I did not regret my decision. Your pictures didn’t only bring up great memories, but also introduced me to places I didn’t visit. My most favorite image out of all of them is the one with the hands. 🙂 Good observation of your surroundings and funny, unusual image as a result. Great subject choice for a Lensbaby lens.


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