(Outside) a Dharma Initiative

My installment of the June Lensbaby blog circle takes us back to the Dharma Rain Zen Center, for part II, featuring their extensive grounds & environment, which are open to the public and provide a delightful respite from loud & busy city life. We walk through regularly with our dog Ozzie. If you missed the first post on Dharma Rain or are looking for more context, you can check that out here.

These images were shot with Twist 60, Velvet 85, Edge 50 and Trio 28.

Shot with Twist 60, which is what gives the background that twisty bokeh.
Shot with Twist 60 – without a close-up foreground subject, the swirl is much more subtle.
Shot with Twist 60 – and with a foreground subject, these little birdhouses waiting to be hung – you get the most swirl.
Shot with Twist 60 (Mike and Ozzie up ahead)
Shot with Twist 60, on one of the foot paths. Everything on the same plane, shot wide open, just gives you a bright center and natural vignette.  I don’t know what this says…do you?
Shot with Twist 60, the day descends into blue hour…shot wide open to take advantage of the vignette.
Shot with Edge 50, I placed the slice of focus along the drainage ditch.
Shot with Edge 50, I was happy that I got the patch and most of Ozzie and Mike in focus, always a bit of a challenge with moving subjects – particular canine ones. 🙂
Shot with Edge 50 – I like the soft hazy light spilling over the steps. And the blur of Edge 50 turns some goober’s littered Gatorade bottle into simple a bobble of light.
Shot with Edge 50, a little man-made pond that goes dry in the dry season, features ducks (not pictured) & fun reflections in the wet season.
Shot with Edge 50, that pond from the other side. There are several sections of the Dharma Rain grounds where you can fool yourself that you’re not within city limits just off busy 82nd Ave.
A community garden also resides on the property – shot with Velvet 85.
Asparagus spears shot with Trio 28 – this fun little lens is great for getting up close with beautiful bokeh in the background.
Shot with Trio 28, a wide shot of some of the grounds.
Shot with Trio 28, from the community garden with the temple in the background.
Shot with Trio 28, more from the community garden.


Both image shot with Velvet 85, these chickens are cared for by students at nearby Madison South High School as part of an agricultural studies program.

Next up in the June blog circle is Seonaid Teal Photography!

2 thoughts on “(Outside) a Dharma Initiative

  1. As an avid learner and user of the Twist 60, I really enjoyed being taken along the journey with your images using this lens. Especially the twisted background and often subtler effects that can be created. Thank you x

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